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Jacksonville, FL (June 24, 2017) At this time, the field renovations are well underway and are scheduled to be complete by the end of September according to Parks and Recreation Director Daryl Joseph. Parks will install signage directing park users to stay off newly installed sod while the grass takes hold and rooted. Below is the description of work that has and will be completed on this project:

The two (2) fields will be:

  • Sprayed to Kill the Turf/Weeds – Complete
  • Rototilled and Laser Graded (soil added to achieve proper drainage) – Complete
  • New Irrigation System Installation – Complete
  • Laser Graded (fine grading) – Complete
  • Install Bermuda Sod- In progress
  • Fertilization and Pest Control – (For 1 year after field is completed)

Below are the remaining work items to complete for the project:

  • Remove the weeds that have grown on the field
  • Final sheet grade the fields
  • Make final irrigation connections
  • Lay sod on the field
  • Allow the root system to establish

The 9A/Baymeadows field refurbishment was part of the 2015 accomplishment of CM Becton in getting monies appropriated for District 11 and this regional park. This project was made possible by a matching grant of $100,000 by the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation.