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Jacksonville, FL (August 26, 2019) – It has been a complaint the residents of the area have voiced for almost four years that Bartram Park Blvd. speeds from autos traveling that roadway are usually found to be excessive. These complaints have not gone unheard by Councilmember Becton or the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. This roadway a four-lane divided median boulevard allows speeds up to 40 mph but it is not unusual today to see JSO pulling over drivers that have been caught going faster than the law allows.

“Residents within this area have been concerned for many years that Bartram Park Blvd. speeding is the norm”, Councilman Becton explained. “From the very beginning of being elected into office, this roadway has been a topic of discussion among stakeholders for what solutions do we have to slow folks down?”

In looking at many options with the City of Jacksonville’s Chief of Traffic Control, ideas included re-striping to more narrow lanes, speed humps or tables and additional traffic lights have all been on the table. Unfortunately, additional traffic lights could not pass the needed warrant studies that justified the requirements that the Department of Transportation places on their installation.

It was in additional discussions with the original developer of Bartram Park, Eastland, that the idea of “speed radar signs” were recommend. Art Lancaster, Vice President of Eastland was concerned as well and offered the solution of the installation of these devices at no expense to the city by their company.

“Eastland has always been concerned stakeholders and invested in the success of Bartram Park as the original developer of all the neighborhoods in this area,” said Councilman Becton. “Any time that we have needed them, they have always been there and available to provide information and to help seek answers to problems, like this.”

On August 25th, the installation of the Speed Radar Signs was completed for Bartram Park Blvd. These signs notify drivers of their speed by a visual display mounted at several locations going in both directions. Studies repeatedly have shown that when alerted by a radar sign, speeders will slow down 80% of the time. In addition, the patrolling of speeding by JSO, these signs add to an extra layer of notification that should provide no excuse for any driver who does not obey the speed limit and gets stopped.

“It is with great appreciation that Eastland has invested in the safety of their community in Bartram Park by stepping up and installing these speed radar signs at their expense,” Councilman Becton applauded. “It is with great appreciation to Eastland that we all say, Thank You!”