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Jacksonville, FL (September 26, 2017) After 54+ hours of budget Finance Committee hearings during the month of August, City Council passed a General Fund/General Service District (GSD) budget in the amount of $1,170,403,835 Billion-Dollars for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. (District 11 Council Member Becton currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Finance Committee). This budget in comparison to 2016-2017 increased $68,925,926 million. The City’s total budget, excluding Independent Authorities was approximately $2.5 billion, including Independent Authorities $5.2 billion.

The main costs within this budget included:

  • Salaries $377.7 million
  • Pension $152.2 million
  • Debt Repayment $103.0 million
  • Group Health Insurance $37.7 million

The fiscal year 2017-2018 millage levy ordinance approved by City Council did not increase but remained at the constant rate of 11.4419 mills. Revenue included $625,192,677 million from Ad Valorem Taxes which was a %6.45 increase from 2016. While the millage rate did not increase, some residents may see increases in their property taxes due to rising property values. The net revenue from Ad Valorem Taxes, after reductions from the Tax Increment Districts was $595.9 million.

The Major expenditures within this budget included:

  • Sheriff $408,524,452
  • Fire & Rescue $216,787,949
  • Parks & Recreation & Community Services $45,209,806
  • Public Works $44,303,366
  • Public Libraries $32,978,717

Significant Council Actions taken in this budget included:

  • Increasing the Communication Service Tax revenue by $2,291,872 and the Municipal Sales Tax revenue by $1,817,517 while reducing the County Sales Tax by $1,880,940.
  • Approval of 100 New Police Officer positions.
  • Approval of 41 New Fire & Rescue positions.
  • Approval of $2,699,573 in additional funding to the Jacksonville Children’s Commission for the “After School Programs”.
  • Approval of $32.1 million for vehicle replacement, of which $22.4 million was in the form of cash “Pay-Go” with the remainder being funded by borrowing.

Approval of $4,801,596 for funding special items including:

  • Providing Jacksonville Public Libraries $850,000 for library materials.
  • Providing $555,213 for additional mowing of City right-of-way’s.
  • Providing $500,000 in additional funding for the Police Athletic League “PAL”.
  • Providing $370,000 to Parks & Recreation and Community Services for additional mowing of common areas, $315,000 for additional mowing of fields, and $320,000 for increased security in the City Parks.
  • Providing $300,000 in funding to the Downtown Economic Development fund.
  • Providing $266,000 in funding for Jacksonville Area Legal Aid “JALA”.
  • Providing $238,008 to upgrade the City Events Website used by Special Events and Parks & Recreation.
  • Providing $187,926 in funding to AGAPE.
  • Providing $176,926 in funding to I’m A Star Foundation.
  • Providing $162,500 in funding to Court Administration to fund one-half year for the Adult Drug Court to match Federal Funding anticipated for the second-half.
  • Providing $150,000 in funding for JFRD’s Explorer Program.
  • Providing $150,000 in funding for Catch-A-Break Program.
  • Providing $120,000 in funding to Public Works to fund two Project Manager positions to assist in managing the City’s CIP projects.
  • Providing $109,007 to the Finance Department for funding to implement a Grant Tracking System.
  • Providing $109,007 to the Court Administration for tablets and furniture.

Also, noteworthy, were CIP expenditures that included:

Total Capital Improvement Projects in the amount of $109.3 million with $69.7 million coming from Debt, $37.2 million from Cash (Pay-Go), $1.6 million from interest earnings and $689,000 from Grants. Some significant expenditures include:

  • Providing $4.0 million for Ash Site Pollution Remediation.
  • Providing $2.6 million for ADA Compliance within our Public Buildings and $13.9 million for curb ramps and sidewalks.
  • Providing $8.0 million for the construction project of $31 million total of the Liberty St. / Coastline Dr. parking deck reconstruction.
  • Transportation projects including: $1.3 million for Roadway Sign Stripe and Signals, $3.0 million for Bridge Rehab, $3.0 million for Sidewalk & Curb construction and repair, $3.0 million for Chaffee Road enhancement.
  • Road resurfacing projects of $13.3 million.
  • Remediation/Demolition of Old Courthouse of $3.6 million and City Hall of $4.4 million.
  • Friendship Fountain Repairs of $1.2 million.
  • Countywide Parks & Recreation Projects of $2.0 million.
  • Southbank Riverwalk extension & enhancements of $1.0 million.
  • Total Storm Water Improvements Projects in the amount of $10.6 million with all funds coming from Cash (Pay-Go).
  • Total Solid Waste Capital Improvements Projects in the amount of $4.5 million with all funds coming from Debt.
  • Total Safer Neighborhoods Investment Plans in the amount of $25.9 million with all funds coming from Debt.
  • New Fire Station #61 of $4.2 million.
  • New Fire Station #63 (within District 11) of $4.4 million, also including $250,000 for a temporary station until permanent #63 is built.
  • Edward Waters College – Community Field enhancement of $4.0 million.