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Jacksonville, FL (August 29, 2018) — Jacksonville City Council approved Bill 2018-419 for Councilman Danny Becton’s sponsored rezoning bill approving the Baymeadows Park development plan for District 11 on the frontage Baymeadows Road on the old golf course between Baymeadows Circle East “BCE” and West “BCW”.

“This rezoning bill approval closes a 14+ year odyssey for all residents of the area communities of the former Baymeadows Golf course. We have worked with various developers, various development plans and thousands of hours to get where we are today.” CM Becton stated. “Good things come to those who wait” could not be more accurate as to this instance in what we are going to see that will be transformational for the Baymeadows community.” Becton added.

Council Member Becton first announced this project in May of 2018 at a special on-site presentation ceremony attended by Mayor Lenny Curry. Recently, at a Baymeadows Town Hall meeting in Mid-July at FSCJ, presentations were given and discussions were held for all projects including Baymeadows Park, allowing residents to ask questions and become informed for all future projects. Baymeadows Park which was one of many discussions that evening went forward without a hitch thru the political process, finally being heard by the Land-Use and Zoning committee on August 21st for which CM Becton is Vice-Chair and then on August 29th passed by City Council unanimously.

The Baymeadows Park project is a $15 million, 6-acre mixed-use urban village that will become the center piece of what Councilman Becton calls “a keystone to the revitalization of the Baymeadows area.”

Baymeadows Park will be located off Baymeadows Road between Baymeadows Circle West and Baymeadows Circle East. The developer on this project is Joyce Development Group, who also developed Tapestry Park, a successful mixed-use development on Southside Boulevard at J. Turner Butler.

The developer will use Tapestry Park as a design template to bring similar architecture, landscaping, lighting, outdoor seating, and an overall small town feel to Baymeadows’ neighboring communities with this project.

The development will bring in local restaurants and retail, as well as, a hotel with an estimated 120 room configuration. Golfside Drive extension, a service road connecting Baymeadows Circle West to Baymeadows Circle East will be built on the back of this property to help local traffic move easier.

This project will also include a transportation project by Florida Department of Transportation “FDOT” of approximately $1.5 million approved by City Council in 2017.

FDOT’s traffic improvement plans call for plenty of highlights to offset traffic from Baymeadows Circle East to Western Way which will include: 1) providing a third land westward to allow for three continuous lanes from BCE to the interstate, 2) provides a new traffic signal at Baymeadows Circle West, 3) provides two turn lanes on Baymeadows Road into Baymeadows Circle East, 4) provides islands to restrict traffic flow north and south at Western Way and Baymeadows Circle West, and 5) provides for traffic signal coordination for those lights at BCW and Western Way in addition to changing those signals from a four phase light to three.

Also, to be constructed by the Baymeadows Park developer will be to provide a turn lane from Baymeadows Circle East to Baymeadows Circle West as a stacking lane entering the neighborhoods and Baymeadows Park.

FDOT plans to start construction within two years and expects to be finished a year later.

D.R. Horton has plans to build residential communities where the old golf course sits. The communities will be built in three phases beginning with the first development to be named Meadows Walk, approximately 143 single family homes. Phase II, off Baymeadows Circle East, consists of a 200 Townhome development with hopes to begin later this year. The third and final phase is a 204 Townhome community behind Los Prados. This development does not have a date of construction at this time. The developer’s will also bring the road conditions of Baymeadows Circle West up to city standards. This means curb & gutters, sidewalks, lighting and re-mill and paving.

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