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Jacksonville, FL (September 25, 2018) – The old Inn of Baymeadows is getting a facelift and new name. Stratford Management Company is buying and revamping the rundown hotel on Baymeadows Circle West and Cypress Green Drive turning it into modern studio apartments called the Lofts at Baymeadows. The Jacksonville City Council on September 25th, passed ordinance 2018-517 allowing for such use along with other conditions to ensure that this project will be implemented as planned.

Stratford Management will be restoring the existing buildings, which will ensure minimal neighborhood disruption beginning in the later part of 2018, upon closing on the property anticipated towards the end of October.

The project is part of the Baymeadows revitalization plan which includes the Baymeadows Park project and the D.R. Horton residential developments on the old Baymeadows golf course.

In July a representative from Stratford presented examples of the company’s plans at Councilman Becton’s Baymeadows Town hall meeting engaging the public and with great enthusiasm, seemed to be supported by all.

 The plans to fix up the property involve professionally landscaped designs, rebuilt studio apartments, a community clubhouse, tennis courts, a pool and new equipment, a theater room, and coffee bar among other amenities. Stratford is redeveloping the old Inn so future residents can enjoy a high-quality rental living experience for those looking at spending only about $600 – $800 a month. Increased parking, the installation of new lighting, fencing and signage throughout the entire community will provide for a community asset that residents can be excited about.

Councilman Becton is excited for Stratford Management to break ground as well.

“When plans started to come together in early 2018 on this 14-year odyssey of what would become of the Baymeadows golf course communities, Stratford Management’s arrival on the scene to purchase and renovate this community eye-score could not have happened at a better time”, CM Becton stated. “Stratford Management’s ability to take projects like this and turn ugly ducklings into a beautiful swan is predicated on the fact that they have done these many times before”.

Stratford Management has properties in Florida, Alabama, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York and Wisconsin. Stratford owns and revamped 11 properties in Florida alone, the Canyon Square Townhomes on Old Kings Road in Jacksonville, which is already up and running.

According to the Stratford Management’s website, the company “has been providing high quality apartment homes for our residents” for nearly twenty years. The “properties are conveniently located for their residents, well designed with landscaped grounds, resort-style pools, and a roster of amenities rare in rental properties and have developed a distinguished track record in renovating and managing multi-family properties successfully, with high residency rates and satisfied customers.”

In preparing the legislation, CM Becton worked with Stratford to have an agreement that provided certainty of this project as planned thru the following conditions written into the bill:

(1) In the event that a community sign substantially similar to the sign depicted on Exhibit 5, attached hereto, located in the median of Baymeadows Circle West, adjacent to Baymeadows Road, that includes signage for the Subject Property is not permitted by the City of Jacksonville within four (4) months after the date of approval of this PUD, the Subject Property shall be allowed signage on the sign parcel with R.E. No. 152699-0055, which is not a part of the PUD, pursuant to a permitted transfer of sign rights in accordance with Section 656.1320 of the Zoning Code. In any event, the Subject Property shall be permitted the signage as set forth in Section III (F) of the Revised Written Description attached hereto as Revised Exhibit 3.

(2) The architectural features, landscaping and similar improvements on the Subject Property shall be substantially similar in quality and finish to the improvements shown on Exhibit 6, attached hereto, which represents other redevelopment projects completed by the applicant. Also, as shown on the Site Plan and Landscape Plan, attached hereto as Exhibit 4, recreational facilities shall include a club house, pool, fitness center, tennis court, dog walk and other related amenities.

(3) Pursuant to the recommendations outlined in the Southeast Vision Plan and the Baymeadows Community Plan, the applicant shall provide a sidewalk along Cypress Green Drive, adjacent to the Subject Property from Baymeadows Circle West terminus. This requirement shall not apply in the event that (a) the Baymeadows Improvement Special Taxing District (or similar special taxing district) encompassing the Subject Property and adjacent developments along Cypress Green Drive is formed by January 1, 2021, and (b) said special taxing district includes a capital improvements plan that provides for sidewalks along the entire length of Cypress Green Drive by January 1, 2024, provided that any such failure to provide for sidewalks within such capital improvements plan must be in good faith.

(4) The existing pole sign on the Subject Property shall be removed.

(5) Pursuant to Policy 4.1.5 of the Transportation Element of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan, the applicant shall provide for the convenient and safe access by, and securing of, bicycles on site. The bicycle parking shall be consistent with the requirements outlined in Part 6 of the Zoning Code.

(6) Prior to the first final inspection within any phase of development, the owner or their agent shall submit to the Planning and Development Department for its review and approval either (a) an affidavit documenting that all conditions to the development order have been satisfied, or (b) a detailed agreement for the completion of all conditions to the development order.