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Jacksonville, FL (March 24, 2016) The Jacksonville Jaguars didn’t win many games last season, but it did pull one out in London, defeating the Indianapolis Colts 30-27. Earlier in 2016, the City of Jacksonville scored a big win in London when in March City Refrigeration announced it was establishing its North America headquarters in District 11.

The international company has a contract with Southeastern Grocers, based in Jacksonville. It is expected that City Refrigeration will bring more than 100 jobs to the city with an average wage of $67,000. The move comes with an incentive package provided by the state and the city. City Refrigeration received a Qualified Target Industry grant that awards it $3,000 per new, full-time employee up to $153,000. The state and the city split the cost 80-20. Additionally, the company received a REV Grant of 50 percent on purchases of tangible property for 10 years not to exceed $200,000.

Danny Becton, District 11 Council Member, at the announcement ceremony stated:

As the Council member for District 11, I want to say we are excited that City Refrigeration is adding to the already number of companies that are finding our City and District 11 attractive to setting up their operations here for the future. For our area, this means jobs that bring new neighbors for our communities, new lunch customers for our local restaurants and for our small business owners in the District, they will have the opportunity to grow their businesses with new patrons. From someone who has spent over 30+ years in the Grocery business, City Refrigeration brings an exciting business model to our industry and on behalf of District 11, I want to personally “Welcome City Refrigeration to Jacksonville!”

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