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Jacksonville, FL (November 30, 2020) — Jacksonville City Council passed Bill 2020-673 on October 27th which appropriated $5.3M for the Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Program. Attached are the program flyers for distribution.

According to the bill summary, “this bill is an appropriation of in $5,300,000 CARES Act funds transferred from the Vystar Small Business Relief program and from contractual services in Testing and Other Health Needs to create a new Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Program to assist individuals and businesses impacted by COVID-19 who are facing potential eviction or foreclosure.

The program will be managed by The Jacksonville Bar Association, Inc. with the exception from Section 126.107(g), Part 1, Chapter 126, Ordinance Code, such that procurement is exempted from competitive solicitation because the supplies or services are to be provided by those specifically prescribed within authorizing legislation that appropriates the same. Section 110.112 , Part 1, Chapter 110, Ordinance Code, is waived to allow for advance payment for the program. Emergency passage is requested as individuals and businesses are facing imminent eviction or foreclosure due to COVID-19 economic harm and CARES Act funding expires December 30, 2020. The Mayor’s Office will oversee the program.”

There are two separate portals for the public to use to apply for the program, residential and commercial. The Residential application portal opened first on December 3th as it is the larger of the two programs.  The Commercial application portal opened the following week on the 10th.

The according to the bill’s fact sheet, the “Mayor’s Office will receive monthly and a final report. The Council Auditor will be provided a copy of the final report upon submission to the U.S. Treasury.”

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By Tiziana Onstead, District 11 Executive Council Assistant