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Jacksonville, FL (April 1, 2020) – Council Member Becton is excited to announce that Fort Family Regional Park off Baymeadows Road East is undergoing another major addition, adding a Baseball Quadraplex to its list of park amenities. “This enhancement is certainly going to be transformational for the regional 52-acre park”, Council Member Becton stated. “Along with recent additions of the past few years, including a new Basketball and Tennis facility, this park will have a lot to offer for area residents and neighborhoods”.

The Quadraplex is a $2.2 million-dollar expansion that was budgeted and approved in the 2019-2020 fiscal year within the City of Jacksonville’s Capital Improvement Projects (CIP). The Quadraplex would add four baseball fields of the depths to 275’, 200’-225’, 225’-250’ and 200 feet, with additional parking, a centralized concession stand / restroom building and an extension to the current sidewalks that will create a continuous jogging trail that will follow the shore line of the lake. This trail will pick up where the current path terminates in the front of the park near the flex fields. The Quadraplex will be positioned whereby most of the facility will be surround by the existing lake which is sure to be an appealing backdrop. The City says the project will create a more substantial sports complex for the densely populated area.

This baseball complex represents the final phase of amenities for the Fort Family Regional Park that were always envisioned in the 2003 master plan when this park was purchased many years ago in 2002 by the City of Jacksonville,” said Councilman Becton. “Upon becoming the new Council Member for the newly drawn District 11 in 2015, the completion of that master plan was a high priority for me”.

The Basketball facility was added in 2015 and the Tennis facility opened in 2017 with the first Pickle Ball courts ever installed and owned by the city. The flex-field renovations upgraded to add irrigation and field resurfacing including a new surrounding fencing that is to be a protective barrier for those fields.

While most of these enhancements were part of the initial master plan, we are also very fortunate to have the partnership with the Fort Family in their sponsorship in the amount of $1 million dollars over 10 years beginning back in 2018,” Councilman Becton said. “These dollars are only allowed to be used for capital improvements, I envision using to them perhaps to create a lake amenity with the development of a fishing pier and other amenities that the public can use to enjoy this great community asset.

Recent Additional News – The Fort Family recently received permission at no charge to the city, to stock the Fort Family Regional Park’s lake with fish! This is exciting news in that this lake has never been stocked before according to sources. “It is with great appreciation to the Fort Family for their interest and concern for this park being such a valuable asset that they would provide this additional enhancement for the community and neighborhoods it serves”, CM Becton exclaimed. “Thank you, Don Fort for this contribution”!

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