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Jacksonville, FL (August 4, 2018) — District 11 Councilman Danny Becton joined the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office at its 21st Annual Sheriff’s Watch Safety Fair at the Avenues Mall on Saturday, August 4th.

The event was scheduled from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and gave the community an opportunity to interact with JSO officers, officials from multiple branches, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the districts council member, Councilman Becton. Health and public safety agencies also attended the Safety Fair.

There were different safety exhibits, interactive demonstrations and activities set up for all ages. There was free electronic fingerprinting and photographing, a station for interested adults to apply to be a JSO officer, and as promised in the event’s media release, citizens were able “to turn in their unused or outdated medications to JSO detectives for proper disposal.”

 McGruff, the Crime Dog also made an appearance.

Councilman Becton shared photos taken while at the event and wrote, “Joined our first responders today at the Sheriff’s Watch Safety Fair at the Avenues Mall. One of the highlights was getting my picture taken with the legendary McGruff, the Crime Dog!”

JSO’s Zone 3 Commander 3, Assistant Chief Jen Short wrote a thank you letter to Councilman Becton following the event to share JSO’s and the Sheriff’s Watch appreciation for Councilman Becton’s participation.

“We truly appreciate the generous donation of your valuable time and resources,” Short said. “We also realize that it is only with your assistance that we are able to offer this event to the public.”

Short said the event was a huge success, and they were able to share a great amount of information geared toward safety and crime prevention.

“The Safety Fair not only increased awareness about public safety, but provided an opportunity for the community, especially the children, to interact with law enforcement in a fun positive environment,” Short said.

Children were able to explore and enjoy the police vehicles, helicopter, fire truck, different agencies’ boats and even a police horse at the event.

“The Annual Sheriff’s Watch Safety fair is always a great event to allow all of our public safety agencies to engage the public”, CM Becton Stated. “It was a lot of fun to have the opportunity to meet residents and provide my district resource kit that provides lots of information on our city services”.

The Sheriff’s Watch is JSO’s Sheriff’s Advisory Council, which was started more than twenty years ago, and consist of active members from the community and JSO police. According to JSO’s website, the council holds monthly meetings, “in the areas where citizens work and live, is citizen led and provides an opportunity for that face to face discussion about crime issues facing our neighborhoods.” The active members are considered JSO’s “Advisors”.

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