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 Jacksonville, FL (June 19, 2020) – Bentley Motors celebrated a soft Grand Opening of their 46th US dealership on the Southwest corner of J.T. Butler Blvd and I-95 in District 11. The plans for the luxury brand was first announced nearly two years ago to the day on June 18, 2018. It is the first Bentley dealership for the area and the seventh in Florida. The 42,000 square foot state-of-the-art dealership sits on seven-acre site located at 1737 Bonneval Road. It has quickly become a distinct landmark in Jacksonville with its presence that can be seen from the interstate.

This is exciting to see Bentley Motors finally open its doors and surround themselves with these beautiful and outstanding cars for which they sell,” Councilman Becton stated. “It was a treat to not only to sit behind the wheel of their show room models but to have the opportunity to test drive one was a thrill.” 

Bentley Motors is owned by Miami based Brickell Motors whose President and CEO, Mario Murgado, owns the dealership where along with the Bentley brand, includes two other high-end brands, Maserati and Alfa Romeo which also will be sold. According to the Bentley Jacksonville website, “Bentley Jacksonville represents Murgado Automotive Group’s entrance into the North Florida market, and we are proud to mark this entry with the incredible ultra-luxury vehicles manufactured to the highest standards by Bentley.”

 “In talking with CEO Mario Murgado, he is excited that North Florida Bentley customers will no longer have to drive to Orlando to have their vehicles serviced,” Councilman Becton noted. “We discussed how Jacksonville now will attach customers similar to IKEA from Hilton Head to Dayton and west from the panhandle.”

Councilman Becton believes the new dealership will attract more outside residents and bring travelers our city to service their current and future auto needs. Back in 2018 when the dealership announced the plans to build this location, Councilman Becton said the addition of the Bentley brand and its investment in our city is a testament to where Jacksonville is heading.

There have been several events within Jacksonville over the past years during my Council term that have placed us on the map based on the criteria for which some businesses operate; one was IKEA and now it’s Bentley Motors,” Councilman Becton explained. “Not many cities get to point out to have established such an international footprint and for Jacksonville, this is becoming more frequent as company’s like these call Jacksonville their home.

Bentley Motors was founded by W.O. Bentley in 1919 out of New Street Mews, London. From its very beginnings, the company relentlessly pursued both luxury and performance in its mission to be the best. Today, Bentley Motors remains the definitive British luxury car company, crafting the world’s most desirable high-performance grand tourers.

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