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JJacksonville, FL (September 5, 2020) – Councilman Becton helped celebrate the grand opening of Baer’s Quality Furniture & Interior Design newest store on Saturday, September 5th, located right in District 11! Baer’s is a family owned business that has been up and running for nearly 75 years. The two story, roughly 85,000 square foot building sits across the street from IKEA at 7760 Gate Parkway. This is Baer’s 17th store in Florida but the first and only store in Jacksonville.

 The grand opening and ribbon cutting began at 9:30 a.m.  Councilman Becton and his wife, Linda, joined the Baer family, as well as, friends and staff to celebrate the new site and welcome the successful business to Jacksonville. President and CEO Jerry Baer, introduced Councilman Becton during the ceremony, in which he shared the following:

 “As the Councilmember for District 11, I would like to welcome everyone here this morning on this very special occasion. Today, we are here to congratulate and welcome Baer’s Furniture on their 17th NEW Store and their EXPANSION into Jacksonville and decision to put their footprint right here in District 11.

 It is exciting when a new company chooses our city for expansion and with Baer Furniture, it is no exception. As a 75-year old company with deep family owned traditions, this story would not be complete without talking about the economic impact that this store will have on our city. This new Baer’s store will generate approximately 50 new jobs in our community. These employees will buy and rent homes in our neighborhoods, will eat in our local restaurants and help bring important tax revenues to our state and local government.

 The opening of this new Bear’s store here in Jacksonville demonstrates that strategic and smart growth can happen in North-East Florida for the benefit of all Jacksonville residents.

 So, are you ready to get this store open Jacksonville? I know, I am.

 So, in closing, Jerry (CEO Jerry Baer) on behalf, of the entire Jacksonville City Council and the residents of District 11, I want to personally “Welcome Bear’s to our neighborhood and wish you and your team great success!”

 According to the Jacksonville Daily Record, “Baer’s Furniture Co. paid $3.3 million for 4.12 acres in October 2018, buying the land from the Skinner family.” A lot of thought and research is taken into consideration by the Baer Furniture Company when it comes to opening a store. To ensure Jacksonville was the perfect fit for the company and furniture showroom, Baer said they studied Northeast Florida thoroughly before narrowing down the Gate Parkway property near 295 as the right site for its northernmost store in the state.

  “The company operates primarily in the Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Orlando, Naples and Miami areas. Baer said it also is looking at markets that include Daytona and Tampa. The company employs about 800 people, with one non-family member there 57 years and several on staff for more than 40 years. ”Described as “Florida’s premium furniture and mattress store,” Baer’s sells furniture pieces for every room, as well as off custom-orders and interior design services. It can provide special and custom-ordered products. It also offers interior design services.

The company began operations in 1945 when Jerry Baer’s grandparents founded the company in 1945 in South Bend, Indiana. Baer’s uncle, Chairman Robert Baer, moved to Florida and open the first store in the state in Dania in 1968 and it didn’t take long before the rest of the family followed, ultimately bringing the company to the sunshine state.

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By Tiziana Onstead, District 11 Executive Council Assistant