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Jacksonville, FL (January 17, 2020) — Councilman Becton joined Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, State Representative Wyman Duggan, Frank DiBello President of Space Florida, and MadeInSpace (MIS) President & CEO Andrew Rush for the announcement of MadeInSpace relocating its corporate headquarters to Jacksonville.

According to the MadeInSpace website, the company develops “state-of-the-art space manufacturing technology to support exploration, national security, and sustainable space settlement” and is transitioning its headquarters from California to its current space off Phillips Highway in District 11. The CEO, Andrew Rush, said during the announcement, a key reason the company is moving across country to the River City is the “close proximity to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center.”

The Governor proudly supports the decision and believes it’s a true investment into Jacksonville’s future. A News4Jax article quotes the governor who said, “I’m really happy that MadeInSpace is here in Jacksonville. I think that this is great for the community and I think that what they’re doing, by doing some of this manufacturing in space, is really cutting edge. I think it has prospects for doing a whole host of great things.”

The relocation shows that Jacksonville and the First Coast will contribute to the future that reaffirms Florida’s role as a leader in taking mankind to space. Aside from helping establish Jacksonville as an innovator in the future of space technology, it has already created fifty jobs in our city with the expectation of more to come. Rush said the Jacksonville facility expects to have at least 150 employees in the next year or two after the newly renovated headquarters is finished.

Councilman Becton said this is an exciting addition to Jacksonville and incredible asset to District 11.

“It is always exciting to discover companies like MadeInSpace who are created by entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they are doing and the specialty of the things that they do”, Councilmember Becton expressed. “Having such an innovative company in Jacksonville speaks volumes to the progress that our city is making and the type of companies that continually make Jacksonville their home.”

Some of the recent successes MadeInSpace is known for includes when they partnered with NASA MSFC “to build and fly the 3D Printing in Zero-G Experiment to the International Space Station and remotely operate the 3D Print payload to build the first parts ever made off-Earth in 2014.” It’s website reports, in 2015 “MadeInSpace builds and delivers for flight the AMF a commercial 3D printing facility, which can be utilized by organizations across the planet to manufacture in space.”

About Made In Space, Inc. (MIS): MIS is the industry leader for space manufacturing technologies, delivering next-generation capabilities in orbit to support exploration objectives and national security priorities. As the first commercial company to additively manufacture in space, MIS is advancing the commercial space economy through its expansive technology portfolio. With a focus on industrializing the space environment, MIS specializes in on-orbit manufacturing, space-enabled materials development and exploration manufacturing technology. With offices in Florida, California, Alabama, and Ohio, MIS is empowering an elite workforce and domestic supplier base to realize the company vision of sustainably building off-Earth manufacturing capabilities to enable the future of space exploration.

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About Space Florida: Space Florida was created to strengthen Florida’s position as the global leader in aerospace research, investment, exploration and commerce. As Florida’s aerospace and spaceport development authority, we are committed to attracting and expanding the next generation of space industry businesses. With its highly trained workforce, proven infrastructure and unparalleled record of achievement, Florida is the ideal location for aerospace businesses to thrive – and Space Florida is the perfect partner to help them succeed.

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