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Jacksonville, FL (August 12, 2019) – Councilman Becton joined a group of officers with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for another Neighborhood Crime Prevention walk in District 11. The walk took place in the Baytree on Baymeadows Apartment complex on August 12th.

Councilman Becton and the group of officers began strolling the streets and engaging the community at 6:00 p.m. and didn’t wrap up until after dusk. They spoke to neighbors who were outside enjoying the evening, as well as, knocked on a few doors to.

According to the JSO website, “the purpose of crime prevention walks, conducted routinely throughout the city, is to meet with citizens ‘one-on-one’ and discuss crime and crime prevention in their neighborhoods. Neighborhoods selected for the walks are determined by the zone commanders based on many criteria, including feedback from citizens, crime activity in the area, or a request.”

Councilman Becton has participated in many, if not all, of the JSO sheriff’s walks in District 11. He said it’s a great opportunity to meet residents and hear their comments and concerns firsthand.

“Getting out and engaging the community really helps in connecting our law enforcement officers with the neighborhoods that they are working to protect,” said Councilman Becton. “The residents really appreciate these events and are always engaging when they have the opportunity to discuss crime prevention within their neighborhoods, one on one with the officers.”

Neighborhood Crime Prevention Walk Flyer

For more information about future Crime Prevention Walks, Sheriff’s Watch meetings or to find out what zone you are in, Visit the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Website, Click Below: