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Jacksonville, FL (December 20, 2018) — Councilman Becton joined Jacksonville’s Transportation Authority (JTA) at its Avenues Walk Park-n-Ride Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to celebrate the newest JTA addition in District 11. Councilman Becton was one of the three guest speakers to talk about the new First Coast Flyer facility and how it will benefit his residents and the City of Jacksonville.

The brand-new Avenues Walk Park-n-Ride facility and First Coast Flyer “Blue Line” transit will travel the Southeast Corridor of Jacksonville and is a huge asset to District 11. The Blue Line is one of the 4 transit lines, (Green, Blue, Red, & Purple line) involved in the First Coast Flyer newly launched bus rapid transit system that offers a fast, easy and reliable way to get around Jacksonville.

The Avenues Walk facility is located off Phillips Highway and Avenues Walk near the Avenues Mall. According to the JTA press release, “The Blue Line will operate between Rosa Parks Transit Station and the Avenues along Philips Highway with stops at major destinations to include MOSH, Baptist Health, the Park-n-Ride lot at JTB/Philips and the Avenues Mall. The Flyer will connect customers to jobs, education, entertainment, restaurants, healthcare and more with features as unique at the region it serves.

The Blue line covers 11.1 miles on the Southeast Corridor. Some of the newest features of this transit line and the First Coast Flyer system includes “direct, high-frequency service; seven branded stations; transit signal priority at 18 intersections, off-board fare collection; complimentary Wi-Fi; a Park-n-Ride lot and real time bus arrival information.”

JTA’s Board of Director’s Chairman, Isaiah Rumlin, and CEO, Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. were the first two speakers at the ribbon cutting event, who then introduced Councilman Becton to the podium.

Councilman Becton thanked JTA and all those in attendance who came out during a very stormy Saturday morning and for the opportunity to help open the Park-n-Ride facility.

CM Becton’s speech was a follows:

“I would like to say Welcome to everyone for being here this morning on this very special occasion. It was just over two years ago that JTA launched its new “Flyer” Blue Line Service here in the Southside. Today, as an extension of that service, JTA is opening this Park-n-Ride facility that will further enhance that experience for over 1,400 daily riders. Our residents from this facility are able to move from the southern part of our county to all parts of our city including the northside and the beaches.”

“It is very exciting to see this facility built at this location which will continue to improve the transportation options for our area and maybe, just perhaps even one day, open up the possibility of rail service from here to St. Augustine or beyond. We can dream, right?”

“Connecting more companies with more potential employees, providing expanded access to shopping, entertainment and healthcare, this station along with this rapid transit system is a valuable asset to area residents. “

“I applaud JTA in its vision and in everything that it is doing to meet the needs of our changing community. On behalf of District 11, and the rest of my colleagues on the Jacksonville City Council, I congratulate the JTA Team and welcome this new Park-n-Ride facility to our Southside Flyer Service.”

The Armsdale Park-n-Ride on the Northside and its Green Line transit also had its ribbon cutting on December 20th. The fourth and final line, the purple line, which will run the Southwest corridor is expected to open in the new year.

JTA explained in a press release, “When completed in 2019, the Flyer system will cover 57 miles of destination travel, and will be the largest bus rapid transit system of its kind in the Southeast.”

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