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Jacksonville, FL (August 15, 2015) Place: Main Library, Guest Speaker, CM Becton Speaks to the Annual Indo-US Chamber of Commerce of Northeast Florida’s Gala.

“Thank you for this invitation on this very special evening. I wish to begin by saying on this August 15, 2015, a Happy Independence Day in Celebration of 69 Years of Freedom for the Country of India!, expressed CM Becton

That evening, Councilman Becton welcomed INDO-US a group of entrepreneurs that has 754 Asian-Indian owned businesses. The INDO-US Chapter of the Chamber of Commerce has the most active minority chamber in Northeast Florida. The group represents a wide-range of occupations from technology and medicine to a variety of hospitality businesses. Throughout the United States, Indian Americans founded more technology and engineering companies from 1995-2005 than immigrants from the United Kingdom, China, Taiwan and Japan combined.

Notable Facts presented that evening were:

Indian immigrants are among the best educated in the United States with 70% of this minority having earned a college diploma according to a study done in 2010.

More current data, collected in 2013, found that 40% of Indian Americans, 25 years or older have a graduate or professional degree. That’s 2.5 times the rate among the overall US population. That same study found that 32% of Indian Americans have earned a bachelor degree. Councilman Becton’s comments to the group concluded by saying, “You represent a talent pool that I want to encourage to become more active in civic affairs. Your business acumen and energy is too valuable to waste. We are fortunate that you’ve decided to make Jacksonville your home and I am fortunate that my District is one that is home to possibly the largest number of Indian American residents and businesses within our city. I encourage you to put your stamp on our city’s future”.

How this District and City grows and what it becomes is in your hands too…. as business and home owners, you have a say in how it is developed. You have to get involved, that starts with…

Attending things like Homeowner Association meetings

Participating in community “Committee” meetings.

Joining your area’s Citizen Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC).

Joining your area’s Sheriff’s Advisory Council (ShadCo).

Joining various Boards & Commissions of your City government.

These things are direct links to where you can voice your opinions and have a direct impact about issues like growth, business, transportation and public safety.

Our neighborhoods are what we make them and the INDO-US Chamber has an important role to play in making sure that happens. I want to hear from you with your ideas and suggestions on how to make District 11 and all of Jacksonville a better place to live, work and raise our families. As for getting involved, please reach out to me, I would welcome the opportunity to help you get connected.”