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Jacksonville, FL (February 23, 2021) – Council Member Becton attended and presented at the monthly meeting for the Jax Chamber of Commerce South Council on February 23rd at the popular entertainment and dining spot, Main Event, off Philips Highway.

The South Council meets every 4th Tuesday of the month for a luncheon to network with new and potential members and ultimately “build new business relationships, promote their businesses, keep informed about business trends, improve their community and provide business education to make our members outstanding business owners, managers and leaders.”

The South Council includes members and business owners who work and reside throughout District 11, as well as locals from the surrounding area.

Councilman Becton began his District 11 Presentation by thanking the South Council members for the invitation and explaining the boundaries of District 11 and discussing how redistricting in 2021 could affect those boundaries. It will be later this year that lines could be redrawn based on the 2020 ten-year Census data and as District 11 has been one of the fastest growing areas of our city, Council member Becton explained, it is likely that District 11 will have some reshaping and downsizing to accommodate that growth.

It is neighborhoods including those along Philips Highway of Wells Creek, Williams Town, and Copperleaf, that is contributing to that growth, in addition to a new development off 9B/I295E called ETown which are leading the way. In a recent groundbreaking, a new community called Seven Pines is also now joining the activity. The 1,063-acre Skinner Family Project will consist of approximately 1,600 New Homes and apartments focusing on building a walkable and pedestrian friendly neighborhood where every home will be within a 5-minute walk of some type of green space. This new neighborhood will surround a Town Center of commercial and retail that will also include a 34-acre Central Park with nature trails, and lakes.

As Councilman Becton pointed out in studying property values as it relates to each Council District, District 11 is the Number One District within the City of Jacksonville where the Market Valuation of the area is approximately $12.4 billion dollars compared to the next Council District 13 (Beaches) of $11.9B and falling third is District 3 in the amount of $8.3B. It should be noted that the Beaches District only provides partial revenue back to the city as their property taxes are shared with their local beach governments.

Councilman Becton also discussed projects going on throughout District 11 that are important including two new Fire Stations that are being built to handle that growth. One on Gate Parkway, Station #63, and another facility soon to come in eTown, which will be Station #74.
Other topics discussed include projects which Council Member Becton has Sheppard include a $4 million addition at the Fort Family Regional Park for a Baseball Quadplex; in negotiations is additional active park space around the A.C. Skinner area which could include a $1 million-dollar private contribution to its development. Infrastructure projects of the New Bridge and Traffic Light on Deerwood Park Blvd. is about to conclude and working with FDOT, in future years, transportation will be improved throughout the Southside as intersections at Deerwood Park Blvd / Southside Blvd, Baymeadows and Baymeadows Circle West and finally the widening of Racetrac Road from I-95 to Bartram Park Blvd are all being planned.

To conclude the presentation CM Becton in being short on time took questions from the group that included discussion on Bill 2020-648 for the Lot J decision as time finally expired but was a great engagement in which everyone enjoyed.

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By Tiziana Onstead, District 11 Executive Council Assistant