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Jacksonville, FL (January 29, 2021) — Council Member Danny Becton was invited to speak and attend the Republican Women’s Club of Duval Federated (RWCDF) for their new evening event, Women, Wine & Wisdom W3, that launched on January 29th. The evening was planned and hosted at Mambos Cuban café by the RWCDF to encourage women in our city to meet and network in a comfortable, social environment and after-hours rather than their standard during-the-day, monthly luncheon.

The RWCDF recently saw the retirement of its long-time president, Sharon Light, who has shepherded the organization for many years. Light was the organization’s matriarch and left big shoes to fill, but they were left to yet another strong female, Ester Byrd, who will without a doubt fulfill the role the way Light and the rest of the members can be proud of. As the wife of State House Representative Cord Byrd, Ester Byrd is familiar with the characteristics, responsibilities, and expectations big roles such as presidency and representing a community entails, in addition, she brings a new youthful leadership and spirited approach that attracts new members. Byrd is looking to interest all women, from young female professionals starting out to stay-at-home mothers looking to make a difference in their community and supporting their growing families with fiscal responsibility and conservative causes among the political systems.

Council Member Al Ferraro and Council Member Rory Diamond joined Council Member Becton at the event. All three spoke about their time on City Council and recommended opportunities for the RWCDF, as a whole and as individual citizens, to be even more engaging and effective in their efforts. The group’s response was very positive towards the three-conservative member of council and greatly appreciated what they had to say and offer, making the event an enjoyable time for all.

The Republican Women’s Club of Duval Federated is a great organization for Conservative Women. These ladies are the backbone of the conservative party within our city and are looking to grow their organization with new members,” Council Member Becton stated. “If there is something needing to get done, it is these ladies that will get it done and I certainty would recommend any women looking to make a difference to get involved by connecting with this organization.”

According to the RWCDF website, “the Federation is a grassroots organization with 100,000 members and 1,800-unit clubs nationwide. Members come together as a collective force to advance the power of women through political access and participation. Our mission is to help women from all walks of life become players at the political table nationally, statewide, and locally. As part of this Federation, the Republican Women’s Club of Duval Federated (RWCDF) promotes the politics of women in Jacksonville. We strengthen the Republican Party by recruiting training and electing candidates; advocating the Party’s philosophy and initiatives and empowering women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds in the political process.”

The normal luncheon for the organization is the first Thursday of each month. It’s currently held at the San Jose Country Club at 7529 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32217 and begins at 11:30am for check-in. Reservations are necessary, but all newcomers are welcome!

For more information on the Republican Women’s Club of Duval Federated and the new social event, Women, Wine & Wisdom W3, contact RWCDF Secretary, Emily Nunez at [email protected] or please visit the organization’s website:

By Tiziana Onstead, District 11 Executive Council Assistant