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Jacksonville, FL (July 28, 2020) – Councilman Becton introduced and supported Bill 2020-262, to change the name of the southern section of Bonneval Road in District 11 to Bentley Road, during the July 28th City Council Meeting. The bill was introduced on May 26th and assigned to the NCSPHS and TEU Committees.

Only the southern portion of Bonneval Road will be renamed. Bonneval Road beginning at JTB and running South to Philips Highway will be subject to renaming. “A section of Bonneval Road will still exist beginning at J Turner Butler Boulevard and running northwesterly to Lenoir Avenue.  However, the name change would occur at a prominent location, the intersection with J Turner Butler Boulevard and run to the end at Philips Highway.”

The purpose of renaming the road was due to a request from the ownership group of Bentley in which they requested the road be reflective of the significant brand that Bentley brings to the area with the new Dealership recently built and opened along that portion of Bonneval Road.

“Jacksonville has seen several iconic brands come to our city in recent years,” Councilman Becton stated. “Bentley is one of those brands that set a standard and reflects success. In order to make this valued addition to our city, the renaming of this part of the roadway just made sense.”

According to the Bill Summary, “The bill approves the renaming a portion of Bonneval Road to Bentley Road. The Bentley Road section extends from J. Turner Butler Boulevard to Philips Highway in Council District 11; and directs the Legislative Services Division to forward the ordinance to the Planning and Development Department for processing, implementation, and coordination with 911 Emergency, Fire and Rescue Department, the Post Office and other affected agencies and organizations. Background Information: Brickell Motors, LLC., is constructing a new Bentley dealership on Bonneval Road. The new street name is in conjunction with the opening of the Bentley facility. On February 5, 2020, the 911 Emergency Addressing Advisory Committee unanimously approved changing Bonneval Road from J. Turner Butler Boulevard to Philips Highway to Bentley Road. On February 26, 2020, the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission reviewed the street name request and recommended the name change. There is no historical significance along this road segment, which would impact the name change.”

Eight commercial businesses, a federal government office, and a home owner’s association for residences located elsewhere, will have a new address following the renaming. Some of the business owners spoke via zoom during the last public hearing opened to public during the June 23rd City Council meeting. The applicant’s representative, Cyndy Trimmer, addressed the business owners concerns and any questions the Council Members had.

“Brickell Motors in its request to have this section of the roadway changed, they worked with all of the businesses and property owners affected to mitigate any cost involved with this change,” Council member Becton explained. “In one particular situation, they helped to invest in a sign change for a commercial building that was named for the previous roadway, now to be branded for the new iconic Bentley brand.”

NCSPHS passed the bill with an amendment, which “waives the requirements of section 745.105(H), ordinance code, regarding the requirement that all street names shall be for the entire length of the street,” on July 20th. TEU approved both the bill and amendment as well that same day. City Council approved bill 2020-262 on July 28th during a Virtual Zoom City Council Meeting.

By Tiziana Onstead, District 11 Executive Council Assistant