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Jacksonville, FL (November 30, 2020) –

On Monday Councilman Becton released a second memo providing follow-up questions for further analysis of the Lot J legislation after careful review of answers provided from his initial memo dated November 16th, 2020 which are also included.

In an email Councilman Becton sent Monday November 30th, he stated the following:

“In assembling all responses based on the memo of November 16th and preforming continued review of the updated Development Agreement, and Supporting Agreements, I would like to resubmit the following collection of “answers provided” along with additional “Follow-Up Questions” for further review. It would be helpful to receive the additional responses prior to the December 3, Committee of the Whole meeting, or shortly thereafter, if possible. I appreciate and Thank You for your participation to this request and for the answers that are to be provided.”

New agreements that have been presented as part of the legislation include: 1) Development Agreement, 2) Live! Lease Agreement, 3) Parking Agreement, 4) Plaza Easement Agreement, 5) Air Rights Easement Agreement and 6) Completion Guaranty Agreement.

The areas in BLUE are the Developers comments. The RED areas are the Administration comments and the GREEN are Councilman Becton’s follow-up questions.

Councilman Becton released his original memorandum (memo) on Monday November 16th in response to legislation 2020-648, regarding the $450 million Lot J Development Project by the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Cordish Family Companies, and his careful review of the 220-page Development Agreement and a 20-page Council Auditors Report that were distributed at the Committee as a Whole meeting on November 5th.

The legislation is requesting approximately $233.3 million dollars in public funding to build a 75,000 sq. ft. LIVE! Entertainment Venue with 40,000 sq. ft. of retail, restaurants, service, and commercial space, along with two mid-rise residential buildings comprised of 400 units, an upscale hotel with approximately 150 to 250 rooms and two parking garages. In addition, over the retention pond area within Lot J, a third surface parking deck for 700 spaces will be constructed to replace the displaced parking that gets removed as a result.

Councilman Becton wrote his memo with the compiled list of questions following Council leadership’s request for each Council Member to submit their questions or concerns via written documentation so that the collective Council body can benefit by the questions generated from one another. The six-page memo breaks down Councilman Becton’s questions and concerns within specific areas of interest of the development agreement, which include: The Parking Garages, The Communication Antenna, The Bread Box Loan, The Hotel and Residential development, The LIVE! Venue, as well as, a miscellaneous portion for general questions. In addition, he included a section for issues regarding the Council Auditors Report.

The body of Councilman Becton’s email, in which he wrote and attached to his memo reads:

“Please find the attached memo outlining my review of the Development Agreement and the Council Auditors Report for which I have the follow-up questions as recommended that we provide. I do appreciate each party including: The Administration, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Council Auditors addressing any parts provided within this memo where the appropriate party can comment and provide answers.

Thank you in advance and I very much look forward to receiving responses on the questions within.”

By Tiziana Onstead, District 11 Executive Council Assistant