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Jacksonville, FL (July 25, 2019) Councilman Becton had the opportunity to tour the Women’s Center of Jacksonville’s new S.A.F.E facility off Emerson road that aids to the counseling and treating survivors of sexual violence.

The Women’s Center of Jacksonville is the only Certified Rape Crisis Center for the tri-county area (Duval, Nassau, and Baker County). Though being named the, “Women’s Center”, they provide services to survivors of sexual assault regardless of their gender.

The facility’s brochure reports, “whether a sexual assault survivor elects to report the crime to law enforcement, the Women’s Center of Jacksonville offers advocacy and a forensic medical exam after an assault… When a survivor chooses to report to law enforcement, evidence is given to the appropriate law enforcement agency for processing. If the survivor elects not to report, the evidence is stored by law enforcement for at least two years.”

“The work that the Women’s Center is doing for our city is truly amazing and certainly impacts the lives of so many women who have experienced tragic life altering events,” Councilman Becton expressed. “This facility tour was certainly an eye-opener to the work that they are doing that goes unrecognized.”

During the tour Councilman Becton viewed the two full waiting rooms, two exams rooms, the interview rooms, the permanent and temporary evidence storage rooms and additional counseling rooms for survivors to receive service simultaneously.

The Women’s Center Pamphlet states “the new building will offer a place where sexual assault victims and their families can find support and compassion and be assured that ‘You are safe here.’”

“The professionalism and the care for which the Women’s Center provides is inspirational,” said Councilman Becton. “Seeing how few resources that they have and how much they are able to accomplish is a testament to their leadership and dedication to the mission.”

According to the organization’s website, “Whether you’re facing health, personal, domestic, or other issues, the Women’s Center of Jacksonville offers a variety of programs to help you manage the tough times. From our Bosom Buddies program offering support and education to breast cancer survivors to our Expanded Horizons education program preparing women for their GED or teaching them English as a Second Language, we strive to help you achieve your dreams through our support services.

Our counseling program features a flexible fee structure to accommodate individual financial needs for those who meet eligibility requirements. The professional staff includes licensed mental health counselors.”

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