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Jacksonville, FL (January 10, 2019) — Councilman Danny Becton took a tour of one of District 11’s most impressive assisted living facilities, Bartram Lakes, which encompasses 58 acres of beautiful grounds including lakes, wetlands and living facilities, all in the heart of the Bartram Park community. Bartram Lakes is part of the Brooks Rehabilitation organization and specializes in Rehabilitation, Alzheimer’s and Dementia care.

The large and inviting facility is located on the southern end of the district off Bartram Park Boulevard on a beautiful campus in one of the most sought-after areas of Jacksonville. This location also encompasses Bartram Crossing Skilled Nursing, Brooks Memory Care and The Green Houses Residences, all designed for individualized care for seniors with unique healthcare needs.

The personalized tour provided Councilman Becton the firsthand experience residents receive within the three areas of specialized care. The different plans offered at this facility provides each resident a team of nurses, who around-the-clock assist in delivering a system of care that is safe, engaging, and values the residents’ autonomy to make their own choices. In-house medical care, medication management, as well as, home cooked meals, housekeeping, entertainment, on and off-site activities, shuttle buses are just some of the quality services provided at Bartram Lakes.

Administrator Andy Andre was one of the several members of staff who conducted the tour around the large and inviting facility. During the tour, Andre explained the different areas of Bartram Lakes, first touring the Brooks Rehabilitation facility, where residents stay in personal suites when recovering from injuries and getting the physical therapy that they need.

The rehabilitation section also features a large gym-like room, as well as, smaller spaces where residents are provided real-life appliances or specially-built structures to practice typical tasks to help them gain back physical and mental strength.

“The services being offered at this facility are second to none”, CM Becton commented. “It was explained and demonstrated how the simplest of tasks can become difficult and obstacles to maintaining an independent life.” CM Becton added. “Brooks demonstrated that just getting in and out of a car, can be challenging. To practice that, they actually had a car-like piece of equipment, to help seniors have the confidence they need to practice that task.”

The tour also visited the Bartram Lakes Assisted Living accommodations, where long-term care to seniors is provided in an independent environment but with help for activities of daily living and personal needs. The living quarters, ranged from roomy corridors of one-bedroom studios, to two-bedroom apartments whereby couples can continue their life together while getting the care that they need. The amenities are numerous including high end dining area, a hair salon and spa, a gym, a media center, an arts and crafts room, and game room equipped with a Billiards table.

Wrapping up the tour, a visit to Brook’s memory care facilities, named “The Green House”, demonstrated the facilities that were designed using the nationally recognized guidelines of The Green House Project – an organization that has pioneered the creation of intimate, residential style homes where residents enjoy specialized care and an excellent quality of life.

Brook’s Green Houses are specifically designed to look and feel like a real home with advance staff training. Bartram Lakes currently has two Green Houses on its campus and each home offers a large open floor plan with a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, living room and has 12 bedrooms and 12 baths for residents to make their own. According to The Green House Project website, the staff model for a greenhouse is a highly educated staff with a low staff ratio to give seniors the independence to set their own routine, choose their meals and participate in activities they find most meaningful, living their lives to the fullest. The Green House allows caregivers to work more effectively while giving residents four times more personal and social contact than a traditional nursing home.

Research shows a positive difference between residents who live at a long-term traditional facility compared to Green House residents. Some of the positive impacts include quality of life and quality of care. Residents have less depression, are less likely to be bedbound, are more active physically, develop fewer pressure ulcers, and are hospitalized less frequently.

Councilman Becton was impressed with the unique and innovative model of the Green Houses and the benefits of living in one.

“The Brooks Green House facilities remind me of a super nice resort type experience”, Councilman Becton observed. “A resident has the living quarters to maintain their privacy but the option to walk outside their rooms and interact with other residents, for socializing and to have entertainment options that enhance the quality of life that seniors need.”

As of right now, there are 134 Green House Homes in the United States and 106 in development. The Green House at Bartram Park was the first to open and operate in Florida.

Throughout the tour, Councilman Becton engaged with many of the residents living at the facility and offered setting up future community meetings specifically for the residents of Bartram Lakes Assisted Living facility to answer any questions they may have about local government and news events within the city.

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