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Jacksonville, FL (March 21, 2017) Traffic, growth and the second phase of construction at the 9A-Baymeadows Regional Park were the topics District 11 Council Member Danny Becton recently discussed with “Buzz TV” host, Wes Benwick. The 5-minunte interview can be seen here: 

CM Becton took advantage of the short interview to update viewers on the issues facing District 11. Starting with traffic, Becton said slow-moving rush hour traffic and general congestion is the price we pay for being one of the fastest growing districts in the city. He asked residents to put it in perspective saying our traffic problems haven’t reached the (stagnation) peak often found in Orlando or Atlanta. “Transportation has a hard time keeping up with development,” Becton said.

However, the completion of the Express Toll Lanes down the middle of I-295E should offer relief two years from now. Drivers will have the option of choosing the Express Lanes for a fluctuating fee depending on traffic demand. Free lanes will remain available. It is hoped that those not needing to exit I-295E will opt for the faster moving Express Lanes, resulting in less congestion in the free lanes.

The IKEA opening is still in the news as that huge building is beginning to take shape. Becton told Benwick that IKEA could serve as a draw for people from two hours or more away to come to Jacksonville for the weekend. Once here for an IKEA visit, families could enjoy District 11 recreation venues like Top Golf, Dave & Buster’s or the Main Event, spending several hours in the neighboring St. Johns Town Center or if in the fall, go to a concert at the amphitheater and take in a Jaguars game the next day. Perhaps even coming to Jacksonville like many of us have done, and making it their new home. IKEA has called for a late fall opening.

Finally, Becton spoke of the completion of Phase 2 in the 9A-Baymeadows Regional Park that will see the construction of six clay tennis courts, one hard court as well as several of the first city-owned pickleball courts. This variation of tennis, played in a much small space, is a growing activity that is popular with young and old alike. This project should be completed by early summer.