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Jacksonville, Fla. (July 16, 2018) – Danny Becton, the Jacksonville City Council member for the Eleventh District, announced that along with the purchase and sale agreement for a new fire station, CM Becton is also announcing a “temporary” station that will be built on an adjacent parcel located off Gate Parkway near Burnt Mill Road, near the new permanent site for Fire and Rescue Station #63.

“We are excited to announce, the purchase and sale agreement that will provide 2.72 acres of property which is also enough to setup a temporary station in conjunction with the building of a new station on the same property”, Becton stated. “This will allow us to have the fire and rescue services in place to serve the needs of the community and within 90 days of this temporary station being operational, the ISO 10 rating will be resolved within the area”, Becton added. “Homeowners affected, can then contact their property insurance companies to update their policies.”

“The site will be built on land that is considered part of a JEA easement for which the city is purchasing as part of this sale.” Chief of Fire & Rescue Kurt Wilson explained. “Having worked with JEA to approve the site, it will house a temporary mobile home for living quarters and a butler building type structure for the engine company and rescue crew.” “The Fire and Rescue crew for New Fire Station #63 already exists and is operational out of Station #44 facilities, right now”. “This station upon getting this agreement approved by City Council, should be operational by year-end as we are well into the procurement plans for facilities of this installation and the new station as well”, Chief Wilson added.

In the City of Jacksonville’s budget for 2017 – 2018, money was appropriated to fund this temporary station along with the additional resources to create Fire & Rescue Company #63 which has been housed at Station #44 Baymeadows and Western Way, while the search for the permanent and a temporary site took place.

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