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Jacksonville, FL (August 12, 2019) — City of Jacksonville officially launched the new online portal, MYJAX, for residents to connect with city services on Monday, August 12th. MYJAX is an online portal that provides real-time information to citizens via web and mobile and to the City via live dashboards and reporting. The announcement of the new online portal was no secret. Three days prior to the announcement COJ posted the following message on Facebook to inform residents of the new system and make them aware that the previously used website, 630CITY.coj.net, would be unavailable for the weekend due to the transition to the MYJAX portal. “You asked, we acted. Friday August 9th at 7 pm, 630CITY.coj.net will be unavailable as we prepare to launch our new and improved system. If you have an urgent need, please submit a request using the MYJAX app or send an email to [email protected]. For public safety issues or emergencies, contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office at 630-0500 or 911. The new system will be accessible Monday August 12th at 8 am.” On Monday morning COJ announced the launch of the portal with another Facebook post and video tutorial. The post read, “We have listened to your feedback about our online system and are excited to introduce you to MYJAX our new and improved online portal.” The three-minute video attached to the post is COJ’s Customer Service Manager, Monica Cichowlas, explaining the MYJAX website with step-by-step visuals of the entire site and how to submit and track a service request. Like the CARE system previously used to report COJ issues, MYJAX allows you to report city issues that you experience in your neighborhood more efficiently. The new online portal allows you to create city service requests specific to your issue and submit it directly to the appropriate department to investigate. Once a request is submitted, you will receive a reference number and will have the ability to check the status of your request using the online portal. MYJAX also supplies an abundant amount of information for each service and the answer to over 600+ city related questions. In addition to calling 630-CITY (2489) to report an issue, MYJAX is available by web, mobile, text, phone and social media. As always, Tiz (District 11’s Executive Council Assistant) and I are here to answer questions and assist you with any city issues that you experience in your neighborhood. Our city’s IT Department is also here to help everyone adjust to and learn the new system. If you have any questions or experience any issues with MYJAX system, please contact the ITD Service Desk at 255-1818. The online portal is available by app available for Apple and Android users, Click Link Below:

In addition to the CARE system to MYJAX changes, COJ have also seen changes with the online legislative bill search system. “The basic search can be used to research a legislative subject matter or to locate a specific bill by entering the year followed by the four-digit bill number, for example “2019-0100”. Use the advanced search option to utilize specific date ranges and other related information.”

This past July the legislative bill search website has switched to a new portal and all legislation filed after July 15th, 2019 is being posted on the new portal and website. All legislation filed prior too July 15th can still be found on the previous City of Jacksonville Bill Search Link.

Click here for legislation filed after July 15, 2019      : Current Legislative Bill Search

Click here for legislation filed prior to July 15, 2019 :          Previous Bill Search

For More Information Visit the MYJAX Website at MYJAX Website or Email [email protected].