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Jacksonville, FL (November 20, 2019) – Councilman Becton and Joyce Development Group sported hard hats and big smiles as they finally broke ground on the much anticipated Baymeadows Park development on November 20th, 2019. The ground-breaking ceremony started just before noon at the site of the future development off Baymeadows Road near I-95.

The vacant lot of land is located between Baymeadows Circle East and Baymeadows Circle West, where the former Baymeadows Golf Club hole number 12 once resided. A large group of Jacksonville residents, as well as, business owners from surrounding Baymeadows community came out to join in on the celebration and to express their support for the long-awaited project.

Councilman Becton said the ground-breaking of Baymeadows Park is one of the most exciting days in his tenure as City Council Member for District 11.

“This project in the heart of Baymeadows is sure to become an economic springboard for the entire community within the area.” Councilman Becton exclaimed. “In years to come, Baymeadows Park will be seen as a transformational project that will impact and inspire revitalization among the other local businesses and neighborhoods.”

Councilman Becton first announced this project in May of 2018 with John Joyce, with Joyce Development Group, who also developed Tapestry Park, a successful mixed-use development on Southside Boulevard at J. Turner Butler. The developer will use the Tapestry Park concept to bring similar architecture, landscaping, lighting, outdoor seating, and an overall small town feel to Baymeadows’ neighboring communities.

“This area over the years, has seen its share of ideas come and go. It was only after having spent over a year on a previous plan that fail to materialize, John and I connected, discovering that my vision of a mixed -use development was something that John had already done over in Tapestry Park,” Councilman Becton said. “Three months later, Baymeadows Park was to become a reality”.

The project was approved by City Council on August 29, 2018, an investment of over $30 million dollar spanning the 5+ acres. Joyce announced the names of the businesses and future hotel at the ground-breaking. Within the urban mixed-use village project will be a 120-room Springhill Suites Marriott and four mixed-use buildings for commercial, retail and restaurants, totaling approximately 22,000 square feet, that will be positioned along the heavily traveled Baymeadows Road corridor.

Starbucks and First Watch have already claimed space at Baymeadows Park expected to open by Fall of 2020. Along with these named businesses, Joyce said several high-end restaurants such as, Anejo’s Cocina Mexicana and Green Papaya Asian Fusion will also be joining them. The hotel’s grand opening will follow in 2021. Updated renderings of the project were on display for the crowd to view during the ceremony.

Baymeadows Park has been an important project to Councilman Becton and will bring enhancements to the Baymeadows community that will continue to inspire efforts to revitalize this area that he has been working on for many years.

“This project is the center piece of a strategic initiative to revitalize the Baymeadows area and it will emphasis to neighboring communities and local business owners the need to continue the momentum by joining in on this investment and not just wasting this opportunity,” Councilman Becton noted. “It is exciting to now see this project finally becoming a reality and the effect it will have to positively impact property values and enhance the quality of life for everyone in the area.”

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