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Jacksonville, FL (July 10, 2018) – On May 17th and July 10th District 11 City Council Member Danny Becton held the two workshops to discuss a Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Rezoning of 15.44 acres of property located at the northeast quadrant of Gate Parkway and Burnt Mill Road from Residential-Professional-Institutional (RPI) and Commercial-Office (CO) to a Community-General-Commercial and Planned-Unit-Development (PUD).

The project will provide for pedestrian-friendly mixed uses that will include retail, restaurants, specialty stores, self-storage and a public buildings & facilities to provide for a live here, shop or eat nearby type establishments. Why always do residents need to get in their cars and drive to the Town Center, it was noted? These neighborhood developments including what is also to be provided across the street in the Southside Quarter development, wants to allow for neighborhood residents to walk and bike over and have a high-quality experience including outdoor venues that can be enjoyed without leaving the local vicinity.

The workshop provided for the interaction between residents and the developer to discuss the project’s current status and the timeline going forward. Specifically, the developer’s PUD application was reviewed. The meeting allowed for comments on such issues as use and restrictions, design guidelines and site plan development.

The major concern by residents was the buffer behind the development as discussed during the initial workshop. As for hearing their concerns in the first workshop, the developer provided new conditions shown on the new site plan with a 6-8ft high fencing and a thick landscape hedge along that fence line for a buffer that would keep the visual screening to the back of the commercial buildings.

The meeting included residents from Brightwater, Oxford Chase, James Island and others to allow Nouveau Management Group, LLC, the developer and purchaser and its representatives to explain their concept and allow for neighboring communities to be involved in the plans and scope from the beginning of this rezoning process.

On August 14th, 2018, City Council Passed Bills 2018-336 and 2018-337.