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Jacksonville, FL (August 31, 2018) — Wal-Mart Foundation donated $1,000 to Fire Station #44 in District 11 after opening its’ newest store on Baymeadows Road. City Council passed ordinance 2018-453 regarding Wal-Mart’s funding to JFRD during the council meeting on Wednesday evening, August 29th.

The awarded funds are part of the Wal-Mart foundation’s Community Grant Program and will be used to purchase exercise equipment for the employees at station #44.

According to the bill summary, “it’s a common practice for Wal-Mart’s foundation to make a monetary contribution to the local fire and police station that serve the community surrounding the new Wal-Mart store.”

The new Wal-Mart is located at the intersection of Baymeadows road and Old Baymeadows Road. It’s the first Walmart Neighborhood Market in Jacksonville that was designed and built from scratch and “designed to fit into the neighborhood while not being as obtrusive as the retail chain’s supercenters,” according to an article by the Daily Record.

The $1,000 contribution was announced on May 30th of this year in a letter from the Baymeadows store manager, Paul Rodroguez.

Rodroguez wrote, in our efforts to be good stewards of our community and show our commitment to our public servants, we would like to make a charitable award to fire station #44 in the amount of $1,000 at our VIP night.”

Both Fire Station and Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market at located in District 11.

“This donation by Wal-Mart’s Neighborhood Market on Baymeadows is a great gift to our local first responders at Fire Station #44”. “The station will certainly benefit by its use to add much needed equipment for their health, wellness and fitness programs.” CM Becton commented.

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