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Jacksonville, FL (August 8, 2018) — FDOT announced that S.R. 9B Northbound from C.R. 2209 to I-95 (including Peyton Parkway at Race Track Road) is now open to vehicular traffic (green on attached map).

The remaining segments of S.R. 9B Phase III project are expected to open to traffic in the following sequence listed and shown in the map below, weather and unforeseen circumstances permitting:

  • Southbound I-95 to southbound S.R. 9B is projected to be open to vehicular traffic the morning of Friday, August 10 (magenta on map)
  • All other remaining movements will be open to vehicular traffic the morning of Saturday, August 11 (yellow on map)

For Bartram Park, these opening will be significant in that the impact projection is for a reduction of 10,000 vehicles per day will no longer use Bartram Park Blvd for their need to travel from St. Johns County (Race Track Road) to connect with I-95. This volume reduction represents approximately half of the existing traffic on the central and southern portions of the roadway as studies conducted by ETM a highly regarded Civil and Construction Inspection Engineering firm have concluded.

In addition to the decrease in traffic, it is proposed to have installed a “Dynamic Feedback Speed Limit” system whereby drivers speeds will be monitored and instantly reported which will help in moderating the traffic speeds on Bartram Park Blvd. ETM report states “the decrease in traffic and lower operating speeds should improve the conditions over what we are currently experiencing on the roadway”.