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Jacksonville, FL (April 23, 2019) – The Jacksonville City Council approved Bill 2019-288 which appropriates $631,072 in Grant Funding from the Florida Department of Transportation to fund the installation of approximately 615 new countdown heads at 81 State Road Intersections.

The Engineering and Construction Management Division and the Traffic Engineering Division of the Department of Public Works will be overseeing the project as a part of the Five-Year Capital Improvement Program which will provide funding for the project entitled “Crosswalk Countdown Heads”. These devices are electronic signs that display the number of seconds until the traffic light changes and to inform pedestrians of their remaining crossing time.

“District 11 has 28 sites targeted with these new devices”, CM Becton explained. “Sites on Baymeadows Road, Southside Blvd, Phillips Highway, Beach Blvd and Old. St. Augustine Road will be seeing these devices installed” Becton added.