Jacksonville, FL (March 8, 2023) — First Coast Catholics announced their slated of endorsed candidates, and among those to receive the group’s endorsement was Danny Becton to become Duval County’s next Property Appraiser.

Danny is a 37-year resident of Jacksonville, community leader, and current Jacksonville City Councilman for District 11 who was first elected in 2015. Danny is running to replace outgoing Property Appraiser Jerry Holland who is term limited.

In their statement, the group stated the following:

We believe that the following candidates will put faith & family first.

Of the candidates offered for election, the names listed below reflect our best choice. No candidate is perfect. All have shortcomings. Not voting allows others to speak for you.

We have been disappointed by the absence of an expression of their spiritual life by most candidates. We believe a belief and faith in God should be a cornerstone of public service.

Mayor – Al Ferraro

Property Appraiser – Danny Becton

City Council:

District 1 – Ken Amaro

District 2 – Mike Gay

District 3 – Will Lahnen

District 5 – Morgan Roberts

District 6 – Michael Boylan

District 7 – Joseph Hogan

District 8 – Charles Barr

District 9 – Mike Muldoon

District 10 – Keshan Gainey Chambliss

District 11 – Raul Arias

District 12 – Randy White

District 13 – No Recommendation

District 14 – Alberta Hicks

City Council – At-Large:

Group 1 – No Recommendation

Group 2 – Ron Salem

Group 5 – Reginald Blount or Chris Miller

The 2023 Jacksonville Unitary First Election is March 21, 2023. Early voting takes place March 6-19.