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Jacksonville, FL (January 17, 2017) District 11 Council Member Danny Becton joined Mayor Lenny Curry and members of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce to welcome Formativ Health at a City Hall press conference on January 17th 2017. The New York-based company will lease 65,000 square feet of office space at 4875 Belfort Road and will begin hiring staff immediately to begin training in April. Once build-out is completed in mid-2018 the company plans to employ approximately 500 in its Jacksonville facility. Annual salaries will fall within the $35,000 to $55,000 range.

Formativ Health is a subsidiary of Northwell Health, New York state’s largest health care provider, and Pamplona Capital Management. Formativ Health offers comprehensive back office management services to assist physicians in handle everything including scheduling, billing and fulfill of government health care regulations. Formativ Health serves more than 5,000 physicians nationwide. It works as a conduit between patients and physicians to allow doctors to concentrate on providing health care rather than wading through the administration and mounds of paperwork that the industry now demands.

Jacksonville was chosen over a few other Florida cities as Dennis Dowling, Formativ Health’s CEO, said at the press conference. He was impressed by the city’s proactive attitude toward customers and overall friendliness. He spoke about a visit last fall where he had a problem at a hotel. A worker took it upon herself to personally go out of her way to help him. He got her contact information and told her to expect a call inquiring if she wanted a job at Formativ.

The new facility will be managed by June Scarlett, a Jacksonville native. She said that once fully operational this office will serve almost 1,200 Northwell member physicians.

District 11 Council Becton‘s statement was as follows:

“As the Council member for District 11, I want to say we are excited that Formativ Health is adding to the already number of companies that are finding our City and District 11 attractive to setting up their operations here for the future. For our area, this means jobs that bring new neighbors to our communities, new lunch patrons for our restaurants and for our small business community, opportunities to grow alongside Formativ Health’s success.

On behalf of District 11, I want to personally “Welcome Formativ Health to Jacksonville!”

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