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Jacksonville, FL (December 22, 2017) The 2018 Sheriff Watch schedule has been announced for the upcoming calendar year and it is our desire that every neighborhood in District 11 designate at least one community representative to participate. Having a neighborhood member on the Sheriff’s Watch program builds a community partnership with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and allows neighborhoods to exchange vital information between law enforcement and residents.

What is the Sheriff’s Watch Program?

What strengthens relationships between citizens and police? Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) believes that happens when citizens and police can take a walk together; get online and hear from each other; go to a meeting and speak to one another in a relaxed environment; join together in a class; or on a ride along with a police officer. These are encounters where information is exchanged and trust is built.

JSO will always have the emergency calls for their services and they always work hard to provide the very best service and professionalism in those situations. JSO is equally committed to educating the public about issues on the national forefront and of local concern. But the very best opportunity to strengthen a relationship between a citizen and the police is when JSO can meet and talk about issues of concern directly with residents.

For more than 20 years the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has had a Sheriff’s Advisory Council. The monthly meetings, in the areas where citizens work and live, is citizen led and provides an opportunity for that face to face discussion about crime issues facing our neighborhoods. JSO police are active participants, and together solutions and recommendations are discussed and implemented. There is an accountability and more importantly, a bond that grows from people knowing they can come to a meeting to get a resolution to a problem, or learn the many ways crime can be prevented. These active members are our “Advisors”.

More than 30 years ago JSO began these neighborhood watch groups and over the years they have grown to numbers as high as 1,000 active neighborhoods. These groups include some folks who come to our monthly meetings, or in some cases hold their own watch group meeting, as each group does at least once a year. Some members like to join their neighbors for the annual “Night Out” for safety near their homes, some like to stay connect to JSO and their neighbors online. These “Members” all like to stay connected to JSO as viewed on the infographic presentation attached.

Today, in the “virtual” world we live in, some people want to hear about crime in their neighborhoods online. Or they want to learn about Safety Fairs and other JSO activities via the internet, or on various social media channels or free mobile apps. JSO offers all of these platforms and also values the opportunities to connect with citizens, no matter how they want to engage – in person, once a year, online or in a combination of it all!

JSO appreciates everyone who wants to engage with their police and their committed to making it easy to do so. Everyone is welcome to connect with JSO in a manner that works for them!

The city is divided into six law enforcement zones. Each zone is divided into individual “sectors”. These sectors are where the Sheriff Watch meetings take place. In District 11, we reside in Zone 3 including Southside/Baymeadows/ Mandarin and San Marco. The sector meetings in District 11 include “H” for hotel and “I” for Indigo as shown on the schedule below.

Becoming an Advisor or Member of Sheriff’s Watch today and it is easy. Join today your neighborhood Sheriff’s Watch program either by the link below for the online form or see the Pdf link for an attached application. Your participation will be tremendously welcomed and fulfilling.

Join Today! 

District 11 is part of Zone 3 below and is covered by sectors H-1, H-2, and H-3.