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Jacksonville, FL (September 14, 2016) This past April, Resolution 2016-223 was passed by the Jacksonville City Council as a result of John Waddell’s service, commitment and dedication to his city and to his community that made him unique and special in so many ways.

After serving in the Army for over twenty years, John and his wife Gloria made their home in the Southside area for many years. John spent many hours with the City of Jacksonville’s District 3 Citizens Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) where he felt he could make a difference in the community. To most everyone he interacted with, John’s persistence on things that he thought were right for his community especially concerning his interest in the youth of our neighborhoods is why John Waddell was honored. As an example of John’s persistence was the lack of youth facilities for after school recreation specifically, basketball. John was not someone to be ignored and was quite instrumental in motivating District Councilmember Bill Gulliford and Councilman-Elect Danny Becton to assist in building basketball courts at the new 9A Baymeadows Regional Park. In June 2015, the basketball facilities that John envisioned and desired were built.

Unfortunately, John passed away that same month but he left his impression with those all around him. His footprint in our community was one that everyone felt should be honored and not forgotten. As a result of his service to his country and community, John’s memory will be honored with this historical park marker at the basketball facility named in his honor. It is an honor to celebrate the life, service and accomplishments of one of our Jacksonville’s District 11 citizens.