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Jacksonville, FL (Octiber 25, 2016) Through Bill 2016-545, sponsored by Council Member Danny Becton and enacted on October 25, 2016, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Zone 3 substation will be relocating to 8875 Liberty Ridge Drive, Building 700, Suites 110 and 210 in the Prominence Office Center off Baymeadows Road and I-95. The new substation will give JSO officers 7,211 square feet of work space in Zone 3 located in District 11. It’s expected that the new substation will be opened in the second quarter of 2017.

The deal, which calls for an annual rent of $1, was made between the City of Jacksonville and Crocker Partners V Freedom, LLC. This lease is for 10 years. The new substation replaces the one that currently resides at 7100 Powers Avenue on property currently owned by Duval County School system on the campus of Wolfson High School. JSO had outgrown the current site and the new substation will not only offers more space, it gives the force room to grow over the life of the lease.

Substations were established in each of the city’s six policing zones. Zone 3 is made up of sectors “G”, “H” and “I” bordered to the north by Beach Blvd, west by the St. Johns River and the south and east by St. Johns County. These substations are used by JSO officers for morning briefings, to prepare reports and to be a local resource for the communities and neighborhoods within their zone. It also allows for more neighborhood policing and gives residents assurance that there is a police presence in their area. Zone 3, is currently commanded by Assistant Chief Mat Nemeth.

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