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Jacksonville, FL (October 24, 2017) The Jacksonville City Council recognized the Jacksonville Sharks on their inaugural win of the 2017 National Area League’s (“NAL”) Championship game. On hand was club owner Jeff Bouchy, players and members of the cheerleading dance squad “Attack” of the organization. This resolution 2017-527 was passed by City Council on August 8, 2017.

Council Member Bowman and Becton spoke in recognition of this presentation, with CM Becton expressing gratitude for what the Sharks have accomplished and the exciting sport for which the area league provides. “I have had the pleasure to attend several of the Jacksonville Sharks games”, CM Becton explained. “If you have not been to a Sharks game, you should as they offer games that are family oriented, cost affordable and exciting.” “Some of my most memorable moments are the championship games where they came down to the last play and the Sharks won”. “This NAL Championship was no exception”.

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