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Jacksonville, FL (June 23, 2020) – Rowe’s IGA Supermarkets opened its doors on June 18th, 2020 as its seventh location in Jacksonville within the Deerwood Village Shopping Center in Baymeadows at the former Winn-Dixie site. Located at 9866 Baymeadows Road, the store offers almost 59,000 square feet of grocery selection and will employ over 100 to 110 team members.

Rob Rowe, Owner said the $10 million investment for this grocery store will offer new services and extensive international choices including Asian, European, Central American, South American, Columbian, Peruvian, Caribbean and other foods and spices.

Rowe purchased the property in February 2019 for $3.7 million and invested over $1.4 million in renovations, all totaling over $10 million dollars invested to get the store opened.

In my visit to the store recently, it’s my observation that Rowes IGA is offering a selection that caters to the local market.” CM Becton said. “Being an independent, this allows Rowes IGA the opportunity to better understand and react to what the surrounding communities and neighborhood customers want and need. As a 35-year grocery industry professional myself, Rowes IGA is filling a void that over the years has become missing in the marketplace. Its competition are corporate stores that selections and offerings that decided at a centralized level and often times miss the mark”, Becton added.

Some of the unique selections that Rowes IGA is providing include:

  • A floral department that is provided by a Jacksonville based partner Kuhn Flowers.
  • A specialty department that caters to the entertainment side of life with a carnival type experience of popcorns including flavorings of caramel corn, cheese corn and others plus candy apples and miscellaneous other candies.
  • A full-on bakery with a specialized pastry chef on duty.
  • A sushi chef and fresh sushi bar.
  • An organic food sections.
  • An offering of meal kits, meals to go and a full-on sandwich program, hot bar, pizzas from scratch, daily specials at a cooking event center, nut-butter grinders and more.
  • And finally, “Rowes Originals”, foods for which the company has been making but with limited marketing including bruschetta and dips.

Rowe’s operates six other stores around Jacksonville. Located at 8595 Beach Blvd, 5435 Blanding Blvd, 6765 Dunn Ave., 8299 W. Beaver St., 1670 Wells Road in Orange Park and a recently renovated store at 1012 Edgewood Ave N.

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