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Jacksonville, FL (February 22, 2019) – District 11 is looking to grow, again! The Skinner family is looking to sell the last largest piece of the family’s land located at the Southeast corner of J. Turner Butler Boulevard and I-295. The family’s negotiation to sell the nearly 1,000 acres with two buyers was announced in a press release on February 22nd but did not report the names of the potential buyers.

The press release states, “the 1,063 acres has been owned by the Skinner family for more than hundred years. Although currently used for forestry operations, the property also has been the site of regular family gatherings and holds many memories. “

After a careful selection process, the Skinner family is negotiating with two buyers for the sale of much of the property. To ensure that any development there will be unique and serve as an enduring legacy, the family hired Town Planning & Urban Design Collaborative out of Nashville, Tennessee, to work with planning firms representing the two buyers. Their collective assignment was to design a walkable, mixed-use community with distinct residential neighborhoods, a village center and regional office and commercial uses. As the result of their work, today the family has submitted a draft plan to City agencies in preparation of a future application for a Planned Unit Development, which proposes a distinctive character-based approach focusing on development form and pattern. The document reflects the family’s vision for a place with neighborhoods and businesses that will serve and benefit the people of Jacksonville for many decades to come.

“This application is the product of many hours of effort by our family, our buyers, and our consultants,” said Chip Skinner of Sawmill Timber, LLC. “We want this place to be as special for the community as it has been for our family.”

“The family looks forward to working with City officials on this exciting opportunity”

Councilman Becton plans to hold a public workshop to provide information and discuss the Skinner Family’s development plans with residents in the coming weeks. Sign up for District 11 Newsletters to receive information for the public workshop and stay up to date with all District 11 and City of Jacksonville news.