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Jacksonville, FL (January 15, 2021) — The groundbreaking for the Southeast Quadrant development at the corner of J Turner Butler and I-295 took place on January 15th. Members of the Skinner family attended and participated at the groundbreaking as it is the last large lot of land left to be developed by this prominent family of Jacksonville.

“The Seven Pine Groundbreaking is a milestone event in Jacksonville history,” explained Council member Becton. “This day definitely marks the beginning of a new self-contained community of neighborhoods, a town center and additional commercial development within the County that will impact Jacksonville forever.”

According to the Jacksonville Daily Record, “The event was held at the end of Kernan Boulevard, which will be extended into the property and serve as the community’s main entry. Homebuilders ICI and David Weekley Homes bought 197 acres on Dec. 23 and have the rights for about 560 of the Skinners’ total 1,063 acres of timberland at the quadrant. The builders will buy the land in three phases with the first coming online in 2022. A total of 1,600 homes is ultimately planned for this development.”

The new development will be called Seven pines. “Seven Pines stands for the seven Skinner brothers who looked after the family’s large land holdings, which have been sold or used for projects like the University of North Florida and St. Johns Town Center.”

The Seven Pines’ website describes the development and reads as follows: “There’s something magical about this land. It’s where you’ll find sanctuary amid the bustling of Southside Jacksonville, along with a bold vision for a brand-new master-planned destination called Seven Pines. Imagine the simple life rooted in rich history and a proud legacy of family gatherings. With over 1,000 acres of new homes, walkable neighborhoods, a vibrant village center, plus parks, trails, lakes, and family outposts, Seven Pines will bring you closer to nature—and each other.”

One of the long-awaited benefits that this development will ultimately bring is the completion of the 9A/Butler/Baymeadows Transportation Management Area (TMA) system within the Southside,” Council member Becton explained. “This roadway is ultimately going to connect Kernan Blvd. with Baymeadows Road East/Gate Parkway, completing this section of roads that were designed to help improve traffic connectivity for local neighborhoods throughout the area and Southside, eliminating the need to utilize the major highways.

This approximate 1,068 acres, makeup the last largest piece of property out of the initial 50,000 acres the Skinner’s owned in Jacksonville over multiple generations. It is this reason for which the family wants to ensure this land is thoughtfully developed for future generations to enjoy and with a legacy that everyone could be proud of.

The original PUD Ordinance 2005-1226-E that was first adopted in 2005, over the last 15 years, as conditions changed, made it necessary to revisit and modify the potential development and ultimately updating the PUD in 2019 by PUD Ordinance 2019-235-E. This once in a life-time opportunity it became, allowed the Skinner Family to accomplish their vision and desire to create this one-of-a kind community with a huge investment in what is sure to be the fulfillment of their dream.

According to the PUD Application, “the project is intended to create a pedestrian-oriented development. Rather than being primarily focused on use, regulation of the Project is character-based (also called “form”-based), which focuses both on use and an intended development pattern and result.”

It also goes on to describe, “Development standards are provided for various Character Areas within the PUD Property, which are intended to result in a range of natural and built environments, from natural preserve, to predominately residential neighborhoods, to general mixed use, village center, commercial, office and regional uses”.

The project includes interconnected streets, managed block sizes to help reduce traffic and encourages residents to walk with the focus on a higher quality of life environment. The owner envisions many of the daily tasks and routine activities being within a short walking distance of their homes, businesses, and the village center. It will grant those who don’t drive, more independence and reduces the number of cars and the time spent on roads, which ultimately improves the environment and quality of life of its residents.

The Daily Record reported “David Weekley, chairman of David Weekley Homes, said home prices will start in the $300,000s and range up to the $700,000 or $800,000s. Town houses and higher-density development is planned later. There remains land for commercial development, including a parcel that Atlanta developer Jeff Fuqua had under contract for a village center retail, restaurant, and apartment project. That deal expired.”

“As I witnessed when this PUD was being drafted, I was tremendously impressed with the Skinner’s vision and investment into the planning of this new community,” Councilman Becton stated. “In the history of Jacksonville, I doubt that any landowner has ever gone thru the planning, design and detail that was made into Severn Pines, but that is certainly a reflection of the legacy that the Skinner family that I have come to know and respect have earned for which I admire.”

The development is expected to see its first completions by Spring of 2022 according to the website.

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