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Jacksonville, FL (April 1, 2021) – The District 11 office has been inundated with calls and emails regarding missed yard waste pickup and collections by Waste Pro throughout several communities in the district.

Waste Pro is one of the three private garbage haulers the City has contracts with for residential collection of garbage, recycling services and yard waste.

Every Council Member, regardless of the  district, receives numerous service requests, and unfortunately, waste pickup happens to be one more frequently addressed. Council Member Becton and District 11 Executive Council Assistant, Tiziana, address resident complaints one by one, as soon as its been recieved. First asking residents to file a formal complaint using the City’s online customer serivce portal, MYJAX, or 630-City (630-2489), if not done so already. If not resolved by the date of completion that’s provided for to their service request, residents can provide their office with their reference number by email for Council Member Becton and Tiz to further assist.

“Waste Pickup is an essential city function of our government that has a low tolerance for poor service from residents, and rightly so,” Council Member Becton acknowledged. “It is the expectation by everyone, including my office that waste pickup be performed at a high level. Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons for which all haulers are experiencing, this high level is not happening but never the less, we are constantly demanding this performance.”

Missed and late pickups have certainly exceeded our normal number of calls recently and it is frustrating to residents that it is happening way too often, or even at all. As complaints get filed, to help residents, upon receipt by the District 11 office, it goes immediately to the attention of Waste Pro’s District Manager of the Jacksonville Area, David Searcy, who upon getting the call, has been responsive in investigating these issues immediately. David does encourage residents to email him directly at [email protected]

Waste Pro during the month of March, has had its issues and ultimately had to pay the City to hire a crew of city employees to supplement and help assist the areas that have not been serviced. During its most recent inspection completed by the city, Waste Pro was fined approximately $77 thousand dollars for these lacks of services, which costed them an additional $147 thousand dollars in soliciting City help for these shortcomings.

Searcy provided the following statement on behalf of Waste Pro in response the recent issues:

We are navigating through unprecedented times surrounding staffing and like other industries, we are not immune to the nation-wide driver shortage. The demand for qualified drivers currently out paces supply. Enhanced requirements at the federal level, such as the DOT Drug Clearing House and more stringent review of driver CSA scores, has further narrowed an already shallow pool of eligible, licensed, professional drivers.

In addition to a nationwide shortage of drivers, our local markets are also experiencing a shortage of willing and qualified labor. Unskilled laborers fill a position for Waste Pro called “helper” – the second person that staffs our Horticulture and Bulk routes. Recent and ongoing changes to unemployment benefits, combined with stimulus checks and other enhanced government assistance programs, makes it more attractive for many people to not work rather than to get up daily and work in a manually labor-intensive environment, such as ours.

Waste Pro is actively working to recruit and train new drivers and helpers to cover existing routes and to manage the volume changes. We have increased our efforts in local job fairs, increased advertising efforts, launched retention bonus plans as well as new driver referral bonuses.”

In efforts to ensure your missed pick up is addressed, the District 11 office want to remind all residents to submit a service request through MYJAX, the city’s online consumer service portal. Please note, if residents submit a request via a call to 630-CITY, they must ask for the reference number during that phone call to confirm the submission. While 630-City is still an option for residents to report or request city services, submitting one on MYJAX online has shown to be the more efficient process. Residents can submit a request using MYJAX in less time than the phone call made to 630-City. The process has made it much easier and transparent for residents by allowing the option to view and follow the status of their requests by using the reference number that’s provided when submitted.

The 630-City call center is open till 7pm on Fridays in case any issues arise that morning throughout the day, and reopen on Saturday at 8am until 12pm, if needed. Any garbage issue reported by the Friday cutoff is promised to have a Saturday solution.

In discussing garbage services with David (Waste Pro), he walked me thru the priority of how his company operates and conducts the different level of services”, Council Member Becton explained. “The priority is always Trash, then Recycle and then Yard Waste. If trash gets behind due to a truck breaking down, labor or for any of the number reasons, resources from recycle and yard waste are deployed to pick up the slack. This also is applied for recycle, which would receive help from Yard Waste.”

To submit a service request or issue, please visit the MyJax website:

By Tiziana Onstead, District 11 Executive Council Assistant